Georgian hospitality in the very heart of Kiev


Spacious and grand scale, the Georgian Restaurant SAPERAVI has opened in the Mariinsky park, next to the Water Museum. Its name is familiar to everyone as Saperavi is the oldest Georgian grape variety and one of the most popular wines in Georgia. This connection makes a perfect sense because here you will find a widest breadth of exclusive Georgian wines as well as own made cooking wine.

Let me introduce you our sommelier Giorgi Meshveliani who is a real guru in the field of wine. We paid special attention to this section and collected a wide collection of exclusive Georgian wines.


We offer you an outstanding choice from the recommendations of Giorgi, Chateau Mukhrani du Prince made of Saperavi grape variety. It’s a balanced and dense wine with a rich and harmonious aftertaste, which is perfectly combined with meat dishes served with greenery, spicy sauces and traditional flavored Georgian spices.

Specially invited chefs from different regions of Georgia are responsible for each section of the menu. The wood-fired grill menu is managed by a chef from Kakheti, a homeland of the legendary Georgian shish kebab. We have 7 kinds of the latter, and it is cooked on an open fire. Another pride of the restaurant is 4 types of Luleh kebab: lamb, turkey, pork as well as with beef and suluguni. Khachapuri will be carefully made for you by our chef from Adjara, who is the best pupil of Gia Agirba, the most famous Georgian chef, who also participated in the development of the menu. A cook from Svaneti is responsible for kubdari (this region traditional dish), chvishtari (corn pone with suluguni cheese) and Svan salt. A chef from Imeretia will cook the kharcho for you. Among specialties definitely worth trying we have a chicken tabaka with sauce from adzhika and our special platter of shish kebabs, quail meat and vegetables for a large company. And, last but not least, taste our juicy khinkali, the best ones in the city.


For those who do not eat meat we have a large selection of fish dishes, among which we serve a river trout from the chef stuffed with spinach and salmon, roasted Black Sea mullet, fried flounder and much more.


Cold appetizers are represented by eternal classics, fried eggplants stuffed with walnut paste, three kinds of pkhali from fresh spinach, beets or green beans, adzhapsandali (classic Georgian appetizer from stewed eggplant and bell pepper) and over six items more. And, last but not least, vegetable barbecue and lobio with beans.

Desserts are represented by churchkhela and pelamushi, which are also prepared according to your own recipe. All food products are fresh and environmentally friendly. Some of them are transported directly from Georgia, and some are produced in Ukraine by approved and verified suppliers.


It stands to mention that the owners of the restaurant and the entire chef’s staff are of Georgian descent. Therefore, here you won’t find a smallest hint of quite a common Ukrainian vision of Georgian traditions. In addition to the cuisine, the creators of SAPERAVI emphasized the emotional component. Here, it is a usual thing to have a large company of friends around and enjoy a traditional Georgian feast.

We will be glad to see you at 1v Grushevskogo str.
Table reservation is available by phone: +3096 277 5707